Petal and Rose tulips - South Yarra flowers

I grew up in Scotland until the age of 18 when I moved with my family to Melbourne, Australia.  For me, in my mind, Springtime is always Easter time.  Even though I have lived in Melbourne for more than half my lifetime, it’s funny how these young learnings don’t change.

Alas, Springtime in Melbourne is not Easter but it is one of my favourite seasons as a florist based in South Yarra.  Living near the Botanical Gardens – within my 5km lockdown zone – nothing makes me happier than a walk around the Tan or a walk within.

While walking I get to see Springtime in all it’s glory.  From the amazing Cacti explosion of The Arid Garden to the blossoming trees.  Did you know there’s 127 oak trees, representing 71 species of oak in our Royal Botanical Gardens.  The sprawling lawns make you feel like you are in the countryside far from the current oppressive lockdowns in Melbourne.

Of course, as a busy South Yarra florist I’m not always walking and Spring is a very active time for most florists as there’s so much happening in store.  I’m a “make to order” creative florist who buys fresh on the day of delivery, I get to visit the flower markets almost every day and enjoy all the colours and varieties of springtime.

Here’s 5 Spring Favourites at Petal and Rose:


Ranunculus come in shades of whites and pinks

Ranunculus last well if cared for well.

Oh my god these little beauties are just so precious.  They come in delicate colours of pinks and whites and last for at least 10 days if looked after well.  Together with roses, they really make a very pretty gift for yourself or for someone special.


Waratahs in vibrants reds

Waratahs have a great vase life.

Warratahs just scream ‘Hello Australia’ don’t they?  Their vibrant reds and burgundy colours are a brilliant foundation for any flower arrangement.  And they have a very long vase life.  They can be dried afterward their vase life (though some can discolour over time).


Tall and Regal Gladioli

Gladioli come in yellows, reds, whites and pinks

You can’t think of Gladioli without thinking Dame Edna – right?  That Dame sure put this flower into the very heart of the Australian psyche.  Am I showing my age?  Petal and Rose love Gladis!  They taller the better, and we only buy them as tightly closed as possible so when they bloom you get the WOW factor.  They come in a variety of colours but we love the red and yellow ones the best!

Wax Flowers

Wax flowers are the cutest flower buds.

Wax Flowers are not a filler flower – they are perfect on their own.

While some clients think of Wax Flowers as a ‘filler’,  we assure you 100% this is not the case.  The humble wax flower is absolutely the cutest, more gorgeous small flower around and they are perfect for any bouquet or even on their own.


All roses are not created equally

All roses are not created equally.

So many local varieties come to life in Spring and continue to be in abundance during Summer.  A rose is not just a rose and there are differences between varieties and what their potentials are.  A wedding rose for example is different to a garden rose which is different to standard rose.  We are super fussy when we buy roses as many of the cheaper varieties fail to open up to a full bloom.  Nothing more disappointing than a hanging rose head.

Get some Spring into your step with flowers on your desk during lockdown.  They are sure to cheer you up no end.  Cut some from the garden or get in touch with us here: