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When we are talking flowers, Fresh is Best

How do you know if the florist has fresh flowers?

Running Petal and Rose flowers has given me great insight into the flower industry in Australia. I certainly don’t claim to know it all, but I do know that fresh flowers can be challenging for those not in the know.

Did these fresh flowers come in today?

If you are buying flowers for home it’s common practice to go into your local florist and buy a bunch or two. Do you ever stop to ask “did these come in today?”. Do you ever look through the displays to ensure you are buying the best available? If you were buying apples from the fruit shop, you would certainly pick through to ensure that you have the pick of the crop – right?

Inspect your flowers

Same with fresh Flowers, you should be checking your blooms before you buy. Look for things like wilted petals; browning of petal edges, droopy rose heads; flowers that are sitting outside of any water source. Flowers with fading colours or even flowers that are fully in bloom. If they are already open they are unlikely to last longer than a few days. Of course, this can be ideal if you want them to be at their full potential for that day; no different to buying a ripe avocado to use for dinner that night. However, if you want longevity from your fresh flowers always select those that are closed and keeping their full beauty a bit hidden.

If the flower buds are closed, do you question whether they will actually open to reveal their gorgeous colours or will they just stay closed. Again, this is a good question to ask your florist. Quality flowers should always open in time, but there is the likelihood of some smaller buds remaining closed. This is normal. There is a fine balance at picking time to ensure the flowers are sold at their peak optimum.

Value for Money

During my floristry training, I was blessed to visit many local growers in Victoria. I was given a lovely bunch of Sunny Hill Lilies and it took them more than two weeks to even open and a further two weeks later I was still enjoying the remaining blooms. Now, that’s value for money, but flower customers cannot buy directly from the Fresh flower market, wholesalers or Growers. They are open to Trade Only. That’s why you want to check out your local florist to ensure the freshest flowers are available for purchase.

Petal and Rose only buys the flowers fresh from the market on the day of delivery to the client. This way I can ensure that they are going to last the distance for my clients.

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