Australian Bushfires have affected industries far and wide including the fresh flower growers.


Australian Bushfires takes its toll


Nobody in Australia can avoid this season’s bushfire epidemic. Its impact has taken a toll on so many lives, both human and animals alike, as well as infrastructure, homes and businesses. The devastation is profound and we all carry some of the burden on our shoulders. We are all united in our grief.

It has been overwhelming to see the amount of monies raised by Aussies and those from overseas who have helped to raise funds which will restore life to those who have been affected. Even on the Golden Globes recently the Australian Bushfires were mentioned over and over.

This, however, is not a sprint but a very long marathon. The impact will be felt for many years to come for a hell of a lot of people.

As an independent florist, (Petal and Rose) I’ve been hearing of how the restaurant industry is being affected from loss of fresh farm produce which will impact dining out prices. The local retailers I’ve seen in my travels are also concerned for the many suppliers of their fresh products ranging from fruit and vegetable to local farm produce.

Wild Flowerbunch Flower Farm, Sarsfield

Flower Industry not affected too badly

I’ve done a bit of research into the impact on the Victorian flower growers. As this is my personal industry, I’m keen to know if flowers are going to increase in cost or availability will be challenged. Thankfully, most that I’ve reached out to have not been affected directly by our immense Australian bushfire season. It seems that the flower Gods are watching over our growers. One Grower did say ‘not yet’ which was a harsh reality to hear. The season is far from over.

Wafex steps in to help

Helix Australia, sister company to Wafex, has generously organised a fund raiser to assist the few flower growers that have been impacted. Petal and Rose is happy to raise more awareness of this.

“As bushfires continue to threaten many regions across Australia, we are sad to hear of the losses to those in our industry including some of the Wafex grower family and the wider flower community. We are thankful for the work of the Fire & Emergency Services and others that have tirelessly been working in the affected areas to minimise the loss of property, life and wildlife”, the company shares in an update.

Flower Farms Destroyed

Two Farms in NSW, who wished to remain anonymous, lost their flower crops and both have indicated they will not replant and continue their business due to several circumstances, one of which is their age. Imagine this being the end of your career life as a flower grower. It’s too sad.

Kevin and Milusa Giles in Sarsfield, Victoria, who run Wild Flowerbunch Flower Farm sadly got hit badly and lost their home and property. The Farm has been totally decimated by the fires. (photo below) Kevin was burnt and treated with love at The Alfred Hospital. Kevin and Milusa are doing ok, but any help will be appreciated.

Wild Flowerbunch Flower Farm, Sarsfield

St Flowers in the beautiful Lobethal valley, Adelaide Hills also has suffered a severe loss of flower crops and have been relying on friends’ generators to keep the water flowing to their precious remaining crops.

St Flowers Farm, Adelaide Hills

A Go Fund Me page has been set up by Wafex to help those in the industry who have been impacted. We know there are so many fundraising sites. For some it’s easy to donate, while for others, far more difficult. Even a token gesture goes towards our country’s healing. I know everyone is doing their best to help where they can. Here’s the link:

Wafex Flower Grower Bushfire Fundraiser

I am so proud to be an Australian citizen, despite being born and raised in bonnie Scotland. Petal and Rose proudly supports Australian grown flowers.