Event Flower Delivery

You walk into a function and feel instantly welcomed by the stunning vision of flowers as you take your champagne from the tray.  You immediately feel relaxed and included as the flowers set the scene and punctuate the air with their scents.

This is the power of custom flower creations. They breathe life into corporate spaces, give welcoming first impressions and express love like nothing else.

Petal and Rose curates your Event with a complete sense of purpose as briefed by you.  We listen to what you want and discuss options to bring your vision to life within your budget. 

Events are the only time that we buy flowers within days of your event to ensure they are picture perfect on the day.  This requires skill and knowledge to ensure that flowers are peaking at exactly the right time.

We have a team of professional freelance florists who we know, like and trust to work with us for bigger functions.

Intimate is our speciality but we can convey this same intimacy on a bigger scale as required.

Our Event flowers are curated in consultation with our clients.