Absolutely Yes.

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day should be equally about women giving than receiving, the reality is that Valentine’s Day is still more about women. In 2022 that’s a pretty fresh statement but I believe it  holds true.  As a florist, I’m no shrinking violet or wallflower so I say it like it is.

Love is Love and it’s amazing that it’s not just the traditional boy > girl lovers that give and receive flowers on February 14. I’m a genuine supporter of all people regardless of their love preferences.

So Why the Rattled Feelings?

Let’s unpack this.

The reason some men feel awkward is that they have little confidence in knowing what their partner or prospective partner wants. And so comes the ubiquitous mainstream selection of Red Roses. Ho Hum 🥱

Red Roses = Unoriginal aka Boring!

I’ll let you into a little secret. Petal and Rose has done its research, and the majority of women don’t like nor want red roses, not even the long-stemmed ones that come in a box. 80% of women choose something different. Why isn’t this known?   Why are we just smiling demurely and popping these ordinary red blooms into a vase (even though they will fall aimlessly and look like crap).

Come on Ladies, it is time to ‘fess up.

Drop this little blog where your loved one can see it and get what you really want.

Do it better this Valentine’s Day

There are endless choices besides red roses, but if roses IS your thing, go for something more delicate and perhaps even ask for a little bit of reflexing i.e. petals are gently pulled back to form a larger head (more $’s due to labour, and the sturdiest of roses are needed, but it’s well worth it!) If it has to be roses, at least go Premium Roses.

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Tall vase of mixed blooms

There is nothing that says ‘I’m Madly in Love with you”  more than a tall vase of stunning blooms. They make such a statement and can feature all the flowers that your loved one likes. Here’s just a couple of examples.

Free Form Flowers

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Then there is free form and a little wild. If your partner is a little wild, show her you ‘get her’ and love her to bits with a free form vase of flowers that simply just goes any which way but straight up. These options can be high in $’s as there is many single stems of different varieties and any florist will have to buy the bunch to get the stem from the wholesalers. They do look amazing though and very different.

Step Outside your Rose Coloured Comfort Zone

Most florists thrive on the easy sell of red roses wrapped in paper – and then there’s the sad little addition of baby’s breath aka. Gypsophila to add insult to injury. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is acceptable. Sorry, not sorry, it’s just not cool.  This is not Petal and Rose’s style.

Supply of flowers – Valentine’s Day 2022

 Things are not so easy with supply at the moment; It’s a Covid thing; A weather thing; An import issue. I prefer local and do my best to always support local growers but crops have been genuinely affected by weather this year and stock is limited.

Wholesalers are asking us to place order by the end of January. That’s tough for me as an independent florist, but do get your orders in early PLEASE!

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Petal and Rose is taking orders for Valentine’s Day.

Feel confident in giving a Petal and Rose arrangement to your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

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Contact works best if you are not sure what to order: https://petalandrose.com.au/contact/

If you know what you want and trust the florist: https://petalandrose.com.au/shop/

Please note flowers are dependent on seasonal changes and external factors. Please allow your florist to make appropriate selections for you.