When I was young my Dad used to call me Petal and then I married a Mr Rose and my name changed to Janie Rose.  Petal & Rose picked its own name years before it was even a seedling in my mind.

Working with Flowers is my ‘thing’.

I experienced a significant AHA! moment on an overseas trip when I fell in love with the Australian novel ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ by Holly Ringland. From the last page of that book, nothing but flowers occupied my mind, and I started to research every aspect of the floristry industry.  Completing an intensive Floristry Career Change course set me on my new path. I love making people happy through my flowers.

The Vanessa Diffenbaugh novel “The Language of Flowers” sparked my later-in-life love of floristry.  My thirties were full of raising a family with one child under 2 years and new born twins, helping to run our national mobile dog grooming franchising company, and my role as a business mentor. I certainly didn’t need anything else to look after, so I put my floristry dreams on the back burner.  Now, my kids are amazing young adults and flowers have given me a new lease of life – nothing makes me happier than losing myself in my floral studio.

Lulu is my other love.

Shhh….Don’t tell my husband!

I’m a walker. Lulu my lovable Labradoodle and I peer into people’s gardens as we walk past, both of us inspired by the combinations of blooms, leaves, and the scenery. Well, Lulu will mark her territory and I will note the flowers, plants and trees.

I have learned to leave my snippers at home lest the temptation to abduct a rose or agapanthus strikes me. What can I say, the urge to arrange is strong!

Flowers say so much.

We get up every day and do our best at what we do, in order to be the best at who we are. My studies in floristry have connected me to the skill of making flowers into pieces of art, the Principles of design; the styles and names of flowers, the wholesalers and the growers.

And now I want to connect with you.  Let’s talk flowers.  I can fulfil any flower requirements you have.  Please fill out the form here and I’ll be back in touch with you to chat flowers within 24 hours.

I am excited to speak the language of flowers with you.

Let's talk flowers.


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