Do women really want Flowers on Valentine’s Day?
Here’s 5 Reasons why!
For those skipping right to the end game and setting off to order Red Roses? Please don’t. Take a moment, read below.
Red roses are bought by ambivalent men. Ouch! But it’s true. Florist shops love an indifferent man who is willing to splash some cash on one single variety of flowers and they overstock red roses in bucket loads on Valentine’s Day and charge ridiculous prices
Come on guys. Get creative, please!

1. We want to know you care.
At the very core on Valentine’s Day we want to know that you have spent some time thinking about making us smile; How many women give the clenched external smile when they are presented with a bunch of a dozen red roses, and then feel frustrated when we put them in a vase as they don’t look so special. Think outside the box gentlemen, and ask a good florist what the alternatives are.

2. We want to see how much we are valued.
No different to being asked out on a date. Does your date want to be taken to local fish and chip shop or wined and dined? It’s not about the money spent, it’s about the notion of value and thought put into it. Cheap flowers are in abundance on Valentine’s Day – make sure you order quality flowers for that quality person in your life.

3. We love to look at flowers.
Stopping to admire beautifully presented flowers may last just a few moments a day, but there is genuine appreciation in that very moment. There is a generosity of spirit towards the person who created it. And, I don’t mean the florist. This feeling can last for between 7 – 10 days with the right flower selection. Red roses may just hang their heads in shame after day 2, especially if they are not quality roses.

4. It’s the whole presentation of the thing.
Adding insult to injury those obvious red roses often have a spray of Gypsophila (aka baby’s breath). Sure, Gypsophila is cool, but only when used in total abandon at a wedding. If you want to be walking down that aisle at all, I repeat no red roses with baby’s breath wrapped in plastic – YUCK.
Women want to remember how the flowers were received; where they were hanging out when they received them, how many people were watching and so on.

Sorry, not sorry, make it truly moment worthy guys.
Definitely extra brownie points for those that personally delivery them to the office or place of work at lunchtime when everyone is around to see.
If you are happy homemakers then have them delivered in the vase before she gets home. Right on the kitchen counter where she dumps the keys.

5. It’s the thought that counts.
Sounding like a broken record, but there is little thought in red roses. Go for flowers that show you thought about it; Get them delivered in a vase so that she doesn’t have to think about it.
The pressure is on but a good florist can help.

Some suggestions from Petal and Rose:

A vase of tulips; done properly by a qualified florist is perfection; Many colours are available.

Go for a Tall arrangement and make a big statement. The taller the better – looks fabulous in a taller than tall vase and if you have the space, it knocks a big punch. Think Gladioli, sunflowers, crab claw, helicolnia, and king proteas.

A vase of Oriental white and pink lillies; they will last for ages if you give them fresh and lily buds are closed – they will develop into something truly beautiful – just like your love for each other;

A bouquet of Wildflowers – fabulous for your not so prissy better half. In a fitting vase, even better;

Free Form flowers using lots of different textures and style. Very ‘right now’, the free form design takes individual florals and puts them together ‘just so’ to make a memorable look with a true wow factor.

Finally, if you must do roses, go for the garden varieties that have a beautiful smell. Or get the sturdy type that can be reflexed which means your florist takes the time to pull back the petals – when you say ‘I asked for reflexed”, she will think you are super cool. Might cost a few more dollars but isn’t he or she worth it?

No excuses
Main male excuse: Women’s don’t really like flowers – they just die. To quote a famous song, ”What a fool believes”.

So, if you have to drop your guy or gal a good old-fashioned hint this Valentine’s Day, just send this blog their way. We just want to know they care – at the end of the day – that’s all that matters. Show them the love but don’t be boring about it.

Petal and Rose is taking orders for Valentine’s Day. You will feel confident in giving a Petal and Rose arrangement to your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

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